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The loan between individuals also called private loan to individual or PAP is solicited by many consumers.

These people are looking for money fast and without much formalities. The popularity of social networks maintains virtual relationships that contribute to the molding of social solidarity.

The PAP is adopted with its many advantages and disadvantages among which, multiple scams operated and which are victims of many borrowers.

Offer too pretty to be honest

We must beware of the mirobolant ads. These ads for loans between individuals come from malicious people. Generally, they intervene a little too regularly on social media forums.

The scammer is an intruder for people who want to earn money from the PAP through stories full of generosity.

The future victim is excited by such altruism. The scammer asks him to pay a sum as a money-back guarantee

The victim, in good faith, sends the requested money. And she will never again hear about the so-called lender who is, in fact, a hustler.

The trap of personal contribution


In crowdfunding, the scam can be done by a group of malicious Internet users. It is a variant of PAP but with more scope.

An individual has a project. The group of Internet users swindles offers a loan on very advantageous terms. The group is asking for a commitment in the form of a personal contribution. The individual, packaged, pays the money. The group of Internet lenders disappears from the WEB soon after.

Scam by hacking accounts

Scam by hacking accounts

A prominent practice in the PAP is account piracy and identity theft. An individual seeks to take out a loan. The scammer gets in touch. He promises him wonders. He asks her for personal information pretexting to study the file.

From this information which includes the bank account and other personal files, the scammer can hack the account or can impersonate his victim to incur debts in his place.

Be vigilant and pay nothing


We must be wary of offers too attractive. In the PAP, the borrower never pays anything in advance and everything must comply with the rules prescribed by law even if the transaction is done by mutual agreement. Loans between individuals are legally permitted.

Use specialized sites

Use specialized sites

The vast majority of serious lenders are on professional websites recognized as ours. These sites are specialized in the loan particular to particular , offer the comfort and the security in the search of investors net surfers. Our site supervises the borrower in his quest for loan between individuals.


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